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Thundering Thompson (1929)

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

One of the least-remembered cowboy heroes of all time, Cheyenne Bill starred in this film, released through Morris R. Schlank’s Anchor exchanges.

Cheyenne Bill was actually one William McKechnie, a former stunt double for Ronald Colman. In this Cheyenne Bill , the hero, is set up by a crooked sheriff to drive lovely Neva Gerber off her valuable land. He falls in love instead, of course, and eventually brings the villain to justice.

Producer-director Ben Wilson enjoyed a lengthy professional relationship with Gerber, but their
association came to a close at the changeover to sound. Unable to secure further work in Hollywood following the Cheyenne Bill films, William McKechnie instead became an engineer and later worked on assignments in Alaska, China and the Philippines.

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