Curse of the Swamp Creature (1966)

Curse of the Swamp Creature is a 1966 American film directed by Larry Buchanan.

John Agar as Barry Rogers
Francine York as Pat Trent
Jeff Alexander as Dr. Simond Trent
Shirley McLine as Brenda Simmons
Cal Duggan as Ritchie

Texas-based cult director,¬†Larry Buchanan,¬†made this low-budget horror oddity starring John Agar as Rogers, a geologist who travels through the swamps to see a scientist named Simon (Jeff Alexander.) What Rogers doesn’t know is that Simon is quite mad and is experimenting on the local voodoo-practicing natives in order to create a mutant being, disposing of the corpses in a pit of alligators. Capturing Rogers’ traveling companion, the treacherous Brenda (Shirley McLine), Simon turns her into a hideous monster with more evil in store!

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