Easy Virtue (1928)

Easy Virtue (1928) is a silent film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and loosely based on a play by Noël Coward.

The heroine Larita (Isabel Jeans) is married to a drunken brute. After he catches her almost being seduced by the artist who has been painting her picture, he brings suit for divorce on the grounds of adultery.
Since she is now a disgraced woman of “easy virtue”, Larita takes to the French Riviera where she meets and marries a rich younger man, John Whittaker (Robin Irvine.) She doesn’t tell him about her past and they return to England to meet his family. His mother strongly disapproves of her, suspecting Larita of immorality.

Meanwhile, John’s mother has looked into her past……..

Isabel Jeans — Larita Filton
Franklin Dyall — Aubrey Filton
Eric Bransby Williams — Claude Robson
Ian Hunter — The plaintiff’s counsel
Robin Irvine — John Whittaker
Violet Farebrother — Mrs. Whittaker
Frank Elliott — Colonel Whittaker
Dacia Deane — Marion Whittaker
Dorothy Boyd — Hilda Whittaker
Enid Stamp Taylor — Sarah (as Enid Stamp Taylor)
Alfred Hitchcock — Man with stick near tennis court
Benita Hume — Telephone receptionist

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