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Torture Ship (1939)

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Torture Ship is a 1939 American film directed by Victor Halperin.

A well known doctor is indicted for his experiments concerning the curing of the criminal mind. Needing to continue his work and hoping that success will clear him, he buys a boat, loads it with several high profile criminals hoping to escape the law and heads out to sea.

At least that’s the plan, but things start to go wrong and things are revealed to be not what they seemed at first…


Lyle Talbot as Lt. Bob Bennett

Irving Pichel as Dr. Herbert Stander

Julie Bishop as Joan Martel

Sheila Bromley as Poison Mary Slavish

Anthony Averill as Dirk – Stander’s Aide

Russell Hopton as Harry “The Carver” Bogard

Julian Madison as Paul – Stander’s Aide

Eddie Holden as Ole Olson

Wheeler Oakman as John Ritter

Stanley Blystone as Captain Mike Briggs

Leander De Cordova as Ezra Matthews

Demetrius Alexis as Steve Murano

Skelton Knaggs as Jesse Bixel

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The Joyless Street

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Joyless Street (German: Die freudlose Gasse, 1925) is a film directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst in Germany, based on the novel by Hugo Bettauer, and is one of the first films of the “New Objectivity“ movement. It stars Greta Garbo in her second starring role and bringing her international fame.The film is often described as a morality story in which the ‘fallen woman’ suffers for her sins, while the more virtuous woman gets the happy end.”

In 1921 in the poverty-stricken part of town called Melchiorgasse in Austria inhabited by impoverished gentry and blue-collar workers Mrs. Greifer runs a fashion boutique and a nightclub patronized by the wealthier class of Vienna. Annexed to the nightclub is “Merkl“ hotel, a by-the-hour establishment, in which the women of the nightclub prostitute themselves in order to pay back their debts to Frau Greifer.

The film follows the plights of two women from the same neighborhood in their attempts to pull themselves out of the rubble of postwar hyperinflation: Marie, who lives in abject poverty, succumbs to the lure of prostitution. Grete, from a struggling family used to better circumstances, takes the higher road.

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