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Zontar, the Thing from Venus

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Zontar, the Thing from Venus also known as Zontar: The Invader from Venus is a 1966 science fiction film, directed by Larry Buchanan and based on the teleplay by Hillman Taylor and Buchanan. It is a remake of Roger Corman’s It Conquered the World (1956.)

Dr. Curt Taylor (John Agar) meets an alien from Venus, who claims to have come to the earth to solve its problems. But Zontar has secret plans.

He begins causing worldwide blackouts and controlling people’s minds. Taylor now knows that Zontar is seeking world domination and things go from bad to worse when Zontar disables the power supply of the entire world!

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The Last Woman On Earth

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Produced and directed by Roger Corman in 1960, this epic production relates the tale of the survivors of a mysterious apocalpse which seems to have destroyed all human life!

Hariold Gem is a New York businessman fresh from his legal travails. Him and his wife Evelyn are on holiday in Puerto Rico with his lawyer friend Martin Joyce.

During a scuba diving expdetion they realise something terrible has happened to their surroundings whilst they have under water! They appear to be the only three survivirs left, perhaps in the whole world and they try to figure out what has gone so terribly awry.

They attempt to adapt to life in this new world without other human beings but soon the three surivors start to find it more and more difficult to exist together with devastating consequences.

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